Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back from the mountains

I had a nice trip to the upper mountains in NC. I got back Wednesday. It rained a lot, so we got alot of sewing done. I finished my strip twist, now to quilt it. I finished piecing a hexagon quilt and have decided that it needs to be bigger, so have to cut some more strips and make more hexagons. I got the cowboy quilt pieced for a great nephew that is about 6 months old. I made it bigger than baby size, so he will have it longer.

We did a little shopping. I found a cheater cloth that was 2 1/2 inch strips lengthwise of blacks and whites. I am going make a strip twist with it. I wont have to sew strips together. Hope I get the camera working soon, so I can show pictures.

I looked mostly for background fabrics for scrap quilts. Shirting type fabrics. I did find several pieces. They are in the wash right now.

The pollen is giving me fits. I think I need to go back to the mountains until it clears up here. They dont have it yet. My green car is yellow today. And my head hurts and I am sneezing alot. Ok, enough complaining. I am off to the sewing machine for awhile.

keep sewing

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catching up

I have been slack about posting. I want to add pictures all of the time. But my little digital camera is not taking good pictures. Everything is coming out dark and when I use the software to lighten, it just doesn't look right. I am still tinkering with it. I think the flash and the shutter are off sinc and there isn't much I can do about it. Probably a new one is in the near future.

Patch has had a relapse this week. We went back to the vet this morning. Increased his insulin and he is better again. Lets hope this works.

This past Saturday I did my first trunk show. It was very exciting. District 4 of the Quilters of SC ( that is mostly the midlands of SC) had an annual lunch and show and tell. I was asked to do a trunk show. There are so many ART quilters out there, no offence, that the district rep wanted to have someone that just makes quilts. So, she asked me. YEAH!! It was fun. I called my show the "Bad, Ugly, and Good". The first 2 quilts I showed were the first 2 I had made. Yes, I still have them. Too bad to give away. I went on to show quilts I had made kind of in yearly order of being made. And the last ones were Old Tobacco Road, Double Delight, and This Could be Your Grandmothers Quilt. This was great for the new quilter because it showed them that we all started somewhere. Yes, the 1st one was that bad. When I get the camera back working I will have to post a picture. ugggg

Now, what to do next?? I have some cowboy fabric to make a quilt for my nephews, wife's, 1st grandchild. I think I will do variable stars with the cowboys fussy cut for the center and bandanna fabric for the star points. Wont need to buy anymore fabric, that way.

My men, DH and DS, are going Boy Scouting this weekend. DH is taking a rife and shotgun course, so he can teach. They are both attending the spring fellowship for the order of the arrow. By the way DS is not a boy anymore. He will be 21 on March 29. I just cant get used to it.

RETREAT time. with the guys gone, I am off to the Mountains of NC to quilt with friends. The cowboy quilt will go with me. And probably one other project. Of course there will be shopping. She is not far from Johnson City and Jonesboro, TN. Both have nice quilt shops. And there is one in Hendersonville, on the way. And one in Burnsville, Ashville, Fletcher, and probably more I don't know about. That is not counting the Yarn shops. Better hope that tax return check comes soon. LOL I will be a fun time and Patch the Wonderdog gets to go with me, so I can keep and eye on him.

Keep Quilting