Saturday, December 17, 2011

Missing Snow Family

Some of you know about my missing Snow Family.  For the rest of you, here is the story.  About 2 years ago Judy Heyword  came to our town and taught a class on her pattern, Snow Family.  It was a one day class, so we did not finish in class.  I worked on it for several months.  The top was finished in time for QSC quilt retreat last year (2010), so I took it to show Judy.  I put in back in my stuff at retreat and lost it.  Got home and could not find it any where.  I put out a lost and found ad in the QSC news letter.  E-mailed everyone in my class.  No where, no one had seen it.  About 10 months later I found it in a Barns and Nobles bag ( probably put there to keep clean) on my desk, under some other stuff.  Yes, I needed to straighten up, a lot.  Wednesday, I have finished quilting and sewed tiny buttons on for the eyes and mouth.  It is hanging in the living room for Christmas.  It really looks great and I am very happy with my Snow Family.  Click on Judy's name to go to her website for this pattern and much more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting,

Christmas presents

Two Cuddle quilts for nieces in Texas.  Their Dad got back from Afghanistan around the first of Aug.  on Labor Day, they lost their house to the fires in Bastrop, Tx.  Right now the family is living in a camper trailer.  So, I thought cuddle quilts would be the right size.  And they are perfect.  Their mom said one liked blue and one liked green, so as you see that is what I did.  I used the multi colored cat print on both and blue on one and green on the other.  I made the back coordinate.   I think they look great.
The pattern is from Mary Johnson and you can find it here:

I am sure these quilts will be loved for a long time.  PS:  that is dear hubby playing Kilroy, peaking out from behind the quilt.  He is a great holder upper for quilts.
Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

T-Shirt Quilts

I made 2 t-shirt quilts for a customer for her granddaughters for Christmas.  They are so cute.  She will pick them up tomorrow, I hope.  I had a local embroiderer, Ben at A Stitch in Time<  do a block for each, saying love from Grammy.  They turned out great.

Merry Christmas, Vicki

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bonnie Hunters Mystery 2012

Well, there are no pictures to post.  Sorry folks,  I am sitting this one out for awhile.  I have too many other irons on the fire.  I am saving the pattern for later.  I am sure I will want to make it.  I have made the last 3 mystries.  So, taking a break to finish my Georgia Burnsteel quilt.  Well worth the break.

Merry Christams to all,

Tan Quilt

Susan's Tan quilt.  She said is was boring.  She likes color so it was hard to make this wonderful quilt for her daughter.  I think it turned out great, if I must say so myself.  The quilting added to it and it looks great.  Merry Christmas to a lucky gal.