Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heart Attack!!

Yes, I had a heart attack!!  this is my story:

I went to the emergency room Sunday nite around midnight with chest pain.

I was admitted. Monday after around 5 pm I had a mild heart attach (didnt
feel mild to me) while in the hospital, thank goodness. After that the Dr
here had me moved to Providence in Columbia, I arrived by ambulance around
10 pm. Tuesday around noon they did a heart cath and found 1 blockage, put
a stint in to repair it. It was 90 % blocked.

so, I am back at home. no driving for 2 days and light duty until I see the
cardiologist again. I am feeling find, thou a little tire. Some of the
quilts will have to wait an extra week, but that will be ok.

I knew my Dad and granddad had a heart history, but found out that my Dad's
mom did to. So, I should have been much more aware of my own health. Let
this be a warning to all of us. The symptoms were not like a mans. I
thought it was a strain.  Let this help you be aware of your health!!

I am overwhelm at the outreach from by quilting friends. Thanks so much for
thinking of me.

Happy Quilitng, Vicki