Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paint Chip Challenge

November 2008, Marolyn Floyd came to our quilt group to do a program on color. She discussed the color wheel and how to use it. Jenny Byers book on color and her palette were explained. Joan Wolfrom's book and 3 in 1 color tool and her book "Color Play" were discussed. Then a challenge was issued. Everyone drew a paint chip from a paper bag. The using a color palette, make a quilt. The pattern was passed out and we had a year to make our quilts. I drew a blue/green. This was a challenge for me since I lean toward blues and reds. We had our unveiling last week and here are pictures. I hope you like them.
Happy Quilting,

Downy Quilts for Kids

Downy is sponsoring "Quilts for Kids" Check it out. These go to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 25 are being sent to Hatti to an orphanage. Email them and they send you a pre-cut kit. You put it together and quilt it using their directions. Every thing must be machine quilted, including the binding. This is to help it hold up in the multi washing they will get, and to keep loose threads from catching on IV tubes and such. They will ask you to make a 2nd one out of your fabric. This is a great cause. The yellow quilt is the kit I was sent, it has frogs all over it. The cowboy quilt is one from my stash, really stuff left over from another quilt I did for a little boy. Got great millage from that fabric. I was able to get both quilts in a USPS box, 4 X 12 X 14.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Joe the Quilter

Yesterday I visited Greater Columbia Quilt Guild. What fun. The guest speaker was Joe Cunningham, Joe the Quilter. He was fun and funny. Joe played the guitar and sang a song about Joe the Quilter, from 18th century England. Joe would sing a few verses and show a quilt about the verses. You can find out more about Joe here
Happy Quilting

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pillow Cases

I made tons of pillow cases for Christmas presents. Here are just a few. Everyone loves them. There are fun to make. Boy Scout fabric and Girl Scout fabric. Rock stars, dear, foxes, baseball. The peace symbols for DH. LOL.

Air Force T-shirt quilt

I made our nephew a t-shirt quilt out of his Air National Guard t-shirts. Some are from Dessert Storm, others more recent. I think it turned out great. I used logos from the front as corner stones and this added to it. I also found some Air Force fabric for the back. He was very happy. I got a big bear hug. Believe me big, he is a big guy.

Carolina Christmas Mystery

My top is together. I didnt do the pieced border as Bonnie did, but did do a little piecing. Hope you like it. I really do. Now to find the time to quilt it.
I really like this quilt now. It sure was lots of pieces, but fun. And I love the challenge.