Saturday, July 7, 2012


Back to quilting.  I had 6 quilt for one customer.  A lady I used to quilt for passed away and her husband sent me the rest of her quilts to quilt.  A friend is going to add the binding.  This was a pleasure to do for him.   I love the 2nd one, made of all the left over blocks.  Great quilt.

Watermelon Festival

Ok, I know the Watermelon Festival was 2 weeks ago.  I am just running behind posting pic.  The theme this year was honoring the Koren War Vets.  My Dad was in Korea.  He rode in a jeep at the front of the parade.  Dad is the one on the passenger side of the jeep.  The driver is a man from Charleston that has several restored jeeps.  Not sure who that is in the back.  So proud of my Dad.
Another truck from the parade.  It had a float caring other Koren Vets.  Wayne said this is a 5 ton.  He should know.
Here is the Watermelon Moble.  I think it is a dragster??  But was funny.  My brother said he would get it for his son's first car, NOT!!  LOL
My sister and her daughter came for the day and we had a good time with Dad.