Thursday, January 29, 2009

Old Tobbaco Road

DONE, DONE!! Yeah. I finished the binding on OTR. This quilt just needs a label. Yes, the quilt is sideways. My friends were holding it up for me to take the picture, so YOU can see it. I really love the binding, so added a detail picture. You can see the backing fabric too. Perfect.
Double Delight is quilted and ready for the binding. Hopefully I will have that in the next day or two. The off to work on Strip Twist, from ,for Supper Bowl Sunday. I was going to use all blues, but decided to go with a bunch of strips I already have cut. Fun and bright prints. We will see what happens. See ya next time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Double Delight

Step 6 ready to sew. All laid out on the floor. Right next to the dog bed and toys. LOL. I am excited. It looks great. The light pink setting triangles aren't quite that light, I think it is just the carpet underneath. The gold for the narrow boarder. Then???? not enough of the brown or any brown for the outer boarder. I will test my blues and maybe a dark purple?? What do you think. I dont think I will be able to decide until I get there. Maybe I will have this together by tomorrow nite. No more sewing tonite. I am tired after an all afternoon session to get the double nine patches together. And cook supper.
I just love this quilt!!!! LOL
Stay warm everyone it is going to be 7 or 8 here tonite.


The Artfull Bras that QSC made will be in Beaufort at USC Beaufort, starting Jan. 23. To read the article go here

My name was even mentioned, along with others. Does that make me a celebrity?? LOL Not, just one of those 15 min. of fame?? not even that. LOL

Anyway if you are in the area, please go see them. If not you can see pictures on the QSC website at

It is very cold here for the south. They are calling for 8 degrees tonite. BRRRRR. The lowest I ever remember was 10 about 25 years ago. I am feeling for you folks up north. Remember it might be a heat wave to you. It was almost 80 last week, which was warm. Big difference, so everyone please stay warm. Use those quilts.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Double Delight

Finished step 4. YEAH!!! sorry, no picture tonite. Now to get step 5 finished, then I can start putting the quilt together. I have been thinking about the border. Bonnie used her brown, but it had pink in it. My brown is brown on brown. Plus, I dont have enough for the boarder. I am thinking of a blue or dark purple. I think I might just like the purple, but will not be able to tell until I have the rest of the top together. The kicker is, I vowed to not buy any fabric. Saving money for a trip to Paducah this year.

Today at quilt guild, we had a lesson on adding a small pipping to the binding. I havent put the binding on my OTR, so, I think I will try that this weekend. I can get lime green in without the whole thing being too lime. Wish me luck. LOL


Monday, January 12, 2009

Double Delight

Finished ironing step 3, so now I am on step 4. I feel like I am over the hump and on the way to the finish line. I put 2 of each block together, to see what they looked like. WOW! I like it. Back to work on these block, so I can be ready for the Super Bowl blitz, I am doing Strip Twist, you can find the pattern on

Friday, January 9, 2009

Marti Michell

Went to see Marti Michell last nite at Cobblestone Quilters in Charleston, SC. What a wonderful trunk show. All I can say is, " So many quilts, so little time!" I want to make them all. LOL

so would you. Will post some pictures when I have more time.


Double Delight

Step 2 is sewn. Just have to press and trim. First picture of blocks stacked to add 3rd triangle. 2nd picture of the finished sewing. YEAH!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Double Delight

Double Delight. A mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter at .
Step one is complete, YEAH!!!! Now on to step 2, more square in a square blocks. Chain piecing has made it easy. These blocks are over sized, so have to be trimmed down. I have a cool ruler made just for trimming up blocks. I won this as a door prize in a Marsha McCloskey class. It has the block size in solid lines and the seam allowances and cross hairs in dashed lines. It works great for squaring this up. You can find it at:
Not affiliated, just like it.
Now, on to step 2.
Happy New Year,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another one bites the dust

3 of 5 of my personal quilts are quilted and calmy waiting for binding. The pictures are of the board and some of the quilting. When DS wakes up I will get DS and DH to hold the quilt up so I can get a picture of the overall. This is a king size trip around the world. I quiled it in metalic gold to go with the boarder print. The boarder is Laurel Burch dogs. I found it awhile??? back. Only time I have seen dog fabic by her, so had to have it. The quilting is paws for the dogs.
We survived another new year. I think I slept thru all the fireworks. LOL. DS watch the I Love Lucy marathon on TV yesterday. He has loved Lucy sense he was 5 and is 20 now. He still laugh at her. Well, so did we last nite. I forgot how silly she was.
I think I will do some sewing at the domestic machine today. Give my feet and legs a rest from longarming. I want to start the Double Delight mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter at www. . she posted the first step yesterday. I have fabric picked out, now off to cut and sew. Oopps, part 2 is up today. I better get busy.
Have a Happy New Year.