Sunday, November 24, 2013


Cotton got into my knitting.  I left the basket on the floor Monday nite, so it is my fault.  I am sure she had fun.  It took me several hours to untangle the mess.  I had to cut the yarn in several places.  I had to rip out about 5 rows of knitting, but I salvaged the sock and finished the pair.  The second pic is of the first sock complete.

I wore these Friday and they were so nice and soft.  Cant remember the yarn, but I like it.  I am loosing my yarn shop.  I just hear that the owner of the Hook and Needle in Columbia, SC, is in assisted living and friends will be having a sale and closing the shop for her.  She will be greatly missed.

Happy quilting and Knitting

Monday, November 18, 2013

Longarm Challenge

SC Girls with Longarms issued a challenge to see how we could quilt this quilt.  Two of the girls designed the quilt and we each made our own and quilted our way.  Nine were unveiled this past Sat. Each was different.  We each told what inspired us and how we quilted our piece.  I have a Statler Stitcher, which is a computerized longarm.  I divided the quilt into sections diagonally across the quilt and put a "modern" looking pano in each section.  I stitch n the ditch all of the straight edges.
This one is mine and here are the others.  I cant remember who's is who's.  let me know and I will put your name by your picture.







We have a new member of our family.  Her name is Cotton.  She is a mini Schnauzer.  She is all black except for the tips of her rear toes.  She may lighten up, because her father did. I love this nose picture, she is checking out the camera. LOL. We have had Cotton about 10 days.  It took about 5 of those for Ranger to get used to her.  Now they play and wrestle together.  She likes to pounce on Ranger. The name came from driving to get her and home thru lots of cotton fields. 

Happy Quilting, Vicki