Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Or, what's on the design wall??  you know I had to get a word in....

Happy Quilting, Vicki

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Suprise

Here I am with my award winning quilt.  Yes, I did say award winning.  I enter the "Omigosh" quilt in the Cobblestone Quilt show, in Charleston SC.  And I won a blue ribbon.  That is 1st place in the category of bed quilts.  Then I found out I was a very close 2nd in viewers choice.  Talk about surprises.... I really was.  If this quilt looks familiar, that is because it is my header picture.  And I have posted about making.  You know I have lost a lot of weight and you can really tell it in this picture.  I was surprised, again.

This is the quilt that beat me for viewers choice.  You cant see the quilting in the picture, but it was good. 

This is a baby quilt I made for one of DH former co-workers.  He has all girls and finially has a grandson.  He is so happy.  The wide fabric has buge and thing on it and the smaller fabric is camo.  Camo worked out good because he works for the SC National Guard.  The back has deer on it for the deer hunting I am sure they will do together.

I have caught up a little more.  I have more for you, but a little at a time is all I can do right not.

Happy Quilting, Vicki

PS: remember this Sat, March 17 is National Quilt Day

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Disappeared Again!

Well,  I disappeared again.  I am finished with Quilters of South Carolina Spring Meeting registration.  YEA!!  Just a few tiny things left to do.  Spring Meeting is on March 24.  Hope to see ya there.

Then, I got the cold from H**L!  DH had it while I was at Joyce Greer's quilt camp.  Well he started with it before I left.  Of course, I got it after I got home.  One week of misery.  At the end I sneezed for 2 days.  I mean hard multiple sneezes.  You know the kind that makes your ribs hurt. Benedrill was the only thing that saved me, but I slept for 2 days.  Well, I am over that and I feel better than I have in a long time.  All that sleep was great.

Now time for some pictures to catch up on posting.  This is Mary's star that she was working on.  It is made with half square triangles.  She was auditioning more fabrics.  I do like it.

Helen's project.  Her own design.  She ran out of purple fabric for the border, so it will be added at home.  This is really a neat quilt.  Made from Jelly Roll, too.

Mystery, Mystery.....  Beth Karr had a mystery quilt for every one at camp.  I didn't do it because I had something else that really needed done..tell you about that in a minute. This is a nice quilt.  You can make 6 blocks and have a lap or baby quilt. Or make all 12 and have a full size quilt.  It is on my to do list.
Mary and Rhoada,  I am not sure which Rhoda this is, so if I spelled the name wrong, please forgive me.  Rhoada and Rhoda are twins.  The love shop hops, FARTS (fabric acquisition trips) and a little wine.

Wow, that was a lot.  So, I am retiring for the evening.  I will post more later.  Oops, almost forgot.  I was going to show you what I worked on at quilt camp.  TAAA DAAA here it is with the proud new papa.  This is my nephew and it will be my snl and bnl's first grandchild.  This is their youngest son, age 37.  So, everyone is happy.  And they live around the corner from us.  Yea!!.  As you can tell this is Austins quilt.  I cut most of the using my Accuquilt cutting system.  Used the letter die to make the name.  Well worth it.  ( I did use a go die for the letters with and adapter for the big cutter.  worked great)

So, now it crash time.  Sleep well.
Happy Quilting,