Friday, May 21, 2010


William, ds, graduated from college this past Sat. YEAH!!! It was also his Dad's birthday. What a great gift. We are so proud of him. He graduated from Brevard College, in Brevard NC. A great small school. His degree is in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, with a Biology minor, and he has a 3.15 gpa. YEAH! again. He is working at Boy Scout camp this summer and after that who knows. What a great kid. I know this is the back of his head. The college was taking picture, so will post when we get them.


Hi, I haven't posted in about 2 weeks. Life has been crazy. Here is a picture and update of the Omigosh! quilt. This is 563 nine patch blocks, I need 550, but a few extras wont hurt. They are 2 inches at this point and will finish one and one/half inches. The next step is to turn them into double nine patches, with a blank block as the alternate. I am using shirting or shirting type fabrics. If sew a few at a time and they WILL get done! Actually I already have about 2o together. The total is to be 110.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Johnny Jump Ups

The Johnny Jump up had really grown. This is by my front door.

T-Shirt Quilt

I finished another t-shirt quilt for a customer. It turned out good. I took the small patches from the front of the shirts and appliqued them around the border. I really liked this.

Heart Quilts

QSC Heart quilts are on display at the Orangeburg Art Center this week and next week. I helped Pat Barthlowmew and her husband hang them Monday. Here are just 2 pictures. There are 68 quilts. We are having a reception Tuesday nite. It should be fun. The quilts will be touring SC thru November. If you have a chance to see them, please do.

Wild flowers

I found Thistles growing along the side of the road near our house. Never have seen them here before. They are very pretty. The pictures dont do them justice.

Wayne's Haircut

It has been a year since DH, Wayne retired from the SCNG. He let his hair and beard grow for 1 year. The year was over last week. YEAH!! I took him to the Barber shop. It took over and hour. He looks soo much better. Here is before and after.