Friday, May 21, 2010


William, ds, graduated from college this past Sat. YEAH!!! It was also his Dad's birthday. What a great gift. We are so proud of him. He graduated from Brevard College, in Brevard NC. A great small school. His degree is in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, with a Biology minor, and he has a 3.15 gpa. YEAH! again. He is working at Boy Scout camp this summer and after that who knows. What a great kid. I know this is the back of his head. The college was taking picture, so will post when we get them.


vivian said...

I know you are happy and proud!! Looks like you had gorgeous weather!

Shakerwood said...

Congrats! to the whole family. I know what a relief that is to have him finished . . . and that extra money back in your pocket doesn't hurt, either.