Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you read the posts before this one, you will know why I am behind on my Crumb quilt.  Here are the blocks, trimmed, stacked and ready to do something with them.  So, Jo, I am still working on it.  I have 85 blocks.  Now I need a plan to put them together.  I didnt make any letter blocks.  That will be for when I have more time to play. 

I am going to John C  Campbell Folk School in 3 weeks for a whole week.  Guess who the teacher is?  Ok, I will tell you.  Georgia Bonesteel!!!  I am soo excited.  I need to get my fabrics ready.  I am going to make my quilt scrappy, so I really just need to pick out my back ground.  Georgia sent pictures of what we are going to be making, to help us decide what fabrics to bring.  I am not tell you now, it will be a surprise. 

Hope I am caught up on the blog for now.  Happy Quilting, Vicki

Quilt Retreat

This past weekend was QSC (Quilters Of SC) Pieceable Retreat.  This is an annual retreat for quilters from all over South Carolina.  We had a record amount show up, over 300.  Lots of new classes and lots of fun was had by all.  I took a One Block Wonder Class that was fun.  It is interesting to see everyone's fabrics, they were all different.  One of the things the teacher, Beth Karr, did was take us on a field trip to the venders, in groups of five.  She had each of us pick out a fabric or 2 that we thought would make a OBW.  Then she discussed the whys and why nots of each fabric.  What a great idea.  And YES, I went back and got the magnolia fabric!!    Here is a picture of mine from the class, the orange and blue fabrics.  See the strip to the right side, that is what I started with.  It is amazing what comes out of these.  The bottom is one of the other girls in the class, sorry cant remember which one, but great fabric.

 This was from 2 fabrics with the exact same print and colors, except for the background.  One was cream and the other blue.  This quilter made a set from both and combined them.  What a great idea and doesnt it look great??

Here is Jodie's.  She used a fabric with planets and stars.  Looks like Star Trek.  Great fabric.   Some of my pictures came out dark, so I cant show you all of them.
Next are 2 that Beth, the teacher, has made.  The others came out just too dark.  Guess it is about time for a new camera.  The light was good in the room and I think the flash was working ok, but you never know.

Last, but not least, we had special guests in out class room.  Meet Roada and Rhoda.  They are quilt traveling rodents.  They are supposed to be porcupines, but I think they are too soft for that prickly job.  Roada lives with Joyce and Rhoda lives with Beth.  You can follow their escapades here .  Hope you enjoy the travel of the R sisters.

Happy Quilting, Vicki

Shirt Quilt

This a customers quilt.  She made this from the shirts of her granddaughters father, for the granddaughter.  she said she added the strips to go across the quilt to make to long enough for the queen bed.  I really liked this quilt. Scrappy and memories, together.  I used gold thread and a simple design. 

Enjoy , Vicki 

Friday, October 14, 2011


Finished a t-shirt quilt for a customer today.  It really looks black.  Well, it is not.  It is a navy modelly.  The back is black.  This is what the granddaughter wanted.  Was quilted with black thread.  Really hard to work with.  I hope I dont get another black one again.  This will be a graduation gift from grandmother.

Happy Quilting,

Orangeburg County Fair

Our county fair is the only quilt show in our area.  So we get great quilts.  It was the first week in Oct.  I know, I a little behind.  Anyway, here are some pictures.  Enjoy!!
Sorry some of them are sideways.  I just cant get that figured out.  I think I need a better photo program.  But you can still see how beautiful the quilts are.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not Lost

No pictures for now.  I am not lost.  Life got in the way of my quilting this week.  My Dad had to go back in the hospital.  He has surgery on his Achillies tendon 4 weeks ago, had the cast off 1 week ago and the insision came open and got infected.  They had to go back in and debribe it.  Now he has a vacumm thing on it sucking out the infection. ULCK is right.  He may need plastic surgery to replace skin.  And they may have to repair the first surgery.  Wont know until they get rid of the infection.  So, please think of my Dad.  He just turned 82 in Sept. and is in good health.  He has always been very active and I know this has slowed him down a lot.  My stepmom had been taking great care of him.

Hopefully I will get some new pictures up this week.  I am playing with my crumb blocks today, between football games. 

Happy Quilting, Vicki