Thursday, June 25, 2009


It is hot here. My AC is acting up. This is the 2nd day the repairmen have been here and they cant find out what is wrong. It runs but doesnt cool below 75%, which isnt bad, but it runs 24/7.
My power bill was doubled last month and the doubled again this month. Almost $400.... ouch!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

Stay cool, Vicki

Confetti Log Cabin

Here is another board try for the CLC. I like this one better. I have tried about 4 different ones. Cleaning out my closet as I go. LOL

What to do you think??

Quilt on


Monday, June 22, 2009

Confetti Log Cabin

Finally a quilt. This is from Quiltmaker, March/April 07. It has been sitting on my sewing table that long waiting for me. I have finished the top and now need to add borders. All of these 2 1/2 inch squares came from an army shoe box I have had for a while. It is like rabbits, it just multiplies like mad. It is a mock log cabin. I the original pattern the background fabric was all the same. But in mine I made the background scrappy. Much more fun for me. I want to quilt feathers in the light spaces.

Now for the big question..... What to border it with? I have been searching my closet for the right border. It has to come from the closet, as all the rest did. Anyway, I found this stripe I like, maybe. Here are two pictures, what do you think?? So you like this fabric? Should the stripe go up and down or sideways?? It needs and inter border, what color?? Lots of questions. Thanks for your ideas.

While looking for boarder fabrics I worked on cleaning out my closet. Anything less than a half yard got cut up into Bonnie Hunter strips and some squares for a project. I only got the blues and reds done, so there maybe something else in there that will work also. But the weekend is over and I have quilting for others to do. I dont have many 2 inch squares or strips, so this is a good start. I need some for Bonnie's Christmas mystery and another quilt pattern on the table waiting for fabrics.
thank goodness for spell check, You dont have to see my horrible spelling.
Happy quilting,

Turtle and Fox

This is the back of a t-shirt that I appliqued for a scout friend. Kristie does volunteer work at our local council and this summer at camp. Kristie has a damaged leg and walks very slow. So the scouts have nicknamed her turtle. Our Order of the Arrow lodge mascot is the fox. And Kristie's OA name means fox, so we have a fox being sly in a turtle shell. LOL

She told me what she wanted and I went home and came up with this. She loved it. And I am sooo glad. The fabrics came out of my closed and were perfect. Gosh, I got more talent than I thought. LOL

Rag Rug

I have wanted to make a rag rug for a long time. I finally took a class at People, Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC. I found out how to prepare my scrap fabric and was re introduced to crochet. Which I havent dont in years. Here is my 1st ball of scraps. It is bigger that a softball but not as big as a soccer ball. I dont know how much fabric it is because it is scraps. A great way to use up those long sides from the backing of quilt. Nice and long.

And here is my 1st rug. It is not finished. It is 23 in by 13 inches. I have another ball about the same size to add to it. That should make a nice size by the back sliding glass door. Where no one wipes their feet, including Patch the Wonder Dog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boy Scout Camp

I just spent 5 days at Camp Barstow, the Boy Scout Camp for the Midlands of SC. The Indian Waters Council for you scouters out there. My DEAR husband volunteered me to embroidery the staff's names on their staff t-shirts. ( He is working up there teaching rifle shooting. ) Then called me and told me, you said you would sew for scouts for free. I said yes, for our troop! I sew patches and hem pants. Even repaired tents one time. But this was a MAJOR under taking. 45 staff members with 5 shirts apiece and one had 7 shirts, so that was 227 shirts!! WOW. I took my Viking D1 with me to camp, set up on a table and sewed for 4 days. I had prepared the names on a floppy before I went, so I didnt need the computer. I am pooped. I have nightmares of bright yellow t-shirts floating around the room.

A picture with be forth coming. They are going to take the staff picture in these shirts and give me a copy.

Anyway, I am home. Pooped, but home. It is quite, yeah!!! I will get tired of that in a few days. LOL. I have quilting to catch up on from being gone, so will be busy this week.

Take care and have fun quilting,