Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boy Scout Camp

I just spent 5 days at Camp Barstow, the Boy Scout Camp for the Midlands of SC. The Indian Waters Council for you scouters out there. My DEAR husband volunteered me to embroidery the staff's names on their staff t-shirts. ( He is working up there teaching rifle shooting. ) Then called me and told me, you said you would sew for scouts for free. I said yes, for our troop! I sew patches and hem pants. Even repaired tents one time. But this was a MAJOR under taking. 45 staff members with 5 shirts apiece and one had 7 shirts, so that was 227 shirts!! WOW. I took my Viking D1 with me to camp, set up on a table and sewed for 4 days. I had prepared the names on a floppy before I went, so I didnt need the computer. I am pooped. I have nightmares of bright yellow t-shirts floating around the room.

A picture with be forth coming. They are going to take the staff picture in these shirts and give me a copy.

Anyway, I am home. Pooped, but home. It is quite, yeah!!! I will get tired of that in a few days. LOL. I have quilting to catch up on from being gone, so will be busy this week.

Take care and have fun quilting,


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