Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Patch the Wonder Dog

Update on Patch. He is doing good with his diabetes. He had a little problem over the weekend. I think he chased the basketball too much and over worked himself. We will have to limit ball time to help him out. He pushes around a ball with his nose like a soccer ball. We did have a soccer ball, but he got his teeth into it and you know the rest. I bought the cheapest basketball and he loves it. The is the 2nd one. DH ran over one with the lawn mower. It was a sad day. The first picture is on the way home from the summer hair cut. COOLING IT MAN!!


Marj said...

Glad to see Patch is doing better. I had a diabetic cat that lived to be around 18 years old, after being on insulin for ten of those years.

Vickie said...

What a sweetie! My dog Katie chases balls until she collapses! It's like it's her job and she must do it twice a day-lucky me!