Friday, December 21, 2012

Pillowcases for Sandy Hook Elementary

There is a quilt shop collecting pillowcases for the Sandy Hook Elementary kids that survived the shooting.  I was making some for Christmas presents, so I just made 5 more.  Mailed today, they want to distribute the on 12-27.  It is the least I could do, beside prayer.

Merry Christmas, Vicki

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Found Puppy

Isnt he cute??  Wayne went to go hunting about 2 weeks ago.  He left the house about 3pm.  I didnt expect to see him until dark:30.  He was back in about 10 min. with a little black wiggly puppy.  Someone had dumped this puppy off at the entrance to our subdivision.  He was so cute and playful.  Probably about 6 or 7 weeks old.  Well our dogs Old Scruffy (Patch) and Ranger didnt like him at all.  They growled at him.  Ranger snapped at him several times and then other times he was scared of the puppy. We kept him on the back porch and yard most of the time.  We have a doggie door for our dogs. To beat all, our dogs would not go out the doggie door with the puppy out there.  So, I had to take them out the front. We tried to find out if he belonged to anyone around here and he didnt belong to anyone.  After 5 days of trying to find him a home, we finally did.  He is such a happy puppy, I wish we could have kept him.

Speaking of dog things, Patch fell asleep under the Christmas tree a few nites ago.  First time this has happened.  He will be 13 years old on Jan 2.  He has diabetes, cataracts and cant here very well.  He still gets around good as long as we dont move the furniture around.  He still loves to run outside, but it is hard for him to play because he cant see the ball anymore.

Now for me, I cut out a bunch of pillow cases today, now to sew them up.  Some are Christmas presants, and some are for the kids at Sandy Hook Elem. School.  I need to get those in the mail tomorrow, so I better get sewing.

Happy Quilting and a Merry Christmas, Vicki

Eye Candy

How about a few pictures of a few quilts I have quilted recently!  Wow that is too many fews, lol.  First is Mary Ethel's "Mexican Star", quilted with an all over design.
Next, above is Verity's black, white and green.  I really do like this quilt.  Very simple, but striking.  And to the left is Verity's Roll Roll Cotton Bole, pattern by Bonnie Hunter at  All of these quilts were fun to quilt.  I have done more, but forgot to take pictures.  I have got to get back into the habit of taking pictures.
This is Robins quilt.  I quilted a leaf border in the outer border and a leaf pano that matched inside the quilt.  Looked great.  This was a group project.  Everyone in the guild made a block and we drew names for the blocks.  Robin won this one.  We do several a year and if you have won once you cant win again until everyone gets a chance.  I won one 2 years ago come this spring.  I really need to do something with it.  Maybe soon.  And yes, that bright orange on the bottom is really that bright!

Happy Quitling and Merry Christmas, Vicki