Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eye Candy

How about a few pictures of a few quilts I have quilted recently!  Wow that is too many fews, lol.  First is Mary Ethel's "Mexican Star", quilted with an all over design.
Next, above is Verity's black, white and green.  I really do like this quilt.  Very simple, but striking.  And to the left is Verity's Roll Roll Cotton Bole, pattern by Bonnie Hunter at  All of these quilts were fun to quilt.  I have done more, but forgot to take pictures.  I have got to get back into the habit of taking pictures.
This is Robins quilt.  I quilted a leaf border in the outer border and a leaf pano that matched inside the quilt.  Looked great.  This was a group project.  Everyone in the guild made a block and we drew names for the blocks.  Robin won this one.  We do several a year and if you have won once you cant win again until everyone gets a chance.  I won one 2 years ago come this spring.  I really need to do something with it.  Maybe soon.  And yes, that bright orange on the bottom is really that bright!

Happy Quitling and Merry Christmas, Vicki

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