Sunday, December 28, 2008

Old Tobbaco Road

Old Tobacco Road is quilted. YEAH!!!!
I quilted it lengthwise using a pano called Feather Feather. I used gold thread and left over bobbins that kind of match. Now I need to figure out what fabric to use for the binding. I have a medium brown. Looked ulck. Thinking about one of the brick fabrics. Will have to see how much I have of what. I have plenty of the boarder fabric left, I could use that, if I have to.
Here are pictures of the front and a close up and the back. I found the backing a few years ago on a sale table. It makes me think of tobacco barns, so was perfect for this quilt. I still have 1 2/3 yrs left for the stash.
Two Quilts down and 3 to go for myself. I am getting there.

4 Patch Swirl

I have been quilting my own quilts for the last few days. I just meander quilted with red thread. Was so busy a design would not have shown. So made it simple and easy. LOL The first picture is the quilt. The 2nd picture is the back and the last picture is a closeup of the front. I used a coordinated boarder print for the boarder. It looks wiggly, because it was printed that way. The fabric is from Jennifer Sampou from ?? years ago. The back was pieced using the left over boarder print and base fabric. If you look at the back on the bottom, you can see the base fabric I made the swirls from. I plan on purple binding.

Lynn Buske of Lexington SC is the author of this pattern. I took her class a while back.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bannana Bread

It got COLD here last nite. 17F I know you northern folks and out west think that isnt much. But here in SC that is cold. We just had 70F last week. Typical for Dec.
I have a pot of Veggie soup on the stove for supper. DH has gone hunting and will be cold when he gets in. Soup is such a wonderful comfort food.
Speaking of comfort food. I had a few bananas about to go bad, so bread time. Here is my mid afternoon snack. Yes, it is as wonderful as it looks. I put it in the bread maker this morning and when DS and I got back from the grocery store, it was ready. Perfect.
Merry Christmas to all

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Out House

OK, Now you know I am crazy. I have to look at this outhouse everyday. It is next door, right in front. Cant miss it. So, I decorated it. How do you like the bow?? got it from the Dollar Store. I would have added lights, but my extension cord was not long enough. Well, I have had my fun for now. Maybe I can stay out of trouble for awhile. LOL
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Or what ever holiday you celebrate, may it be good.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New House next door

We are getting a new neighbor. We have been in this house almost 16 years. And the lot next door has been empty. Wooded. Right no one there, except deer, raccons, birds, a red headed wood pecker, an owl and what ever else. We have enjoyed it. Well, someone is building a house there. They start at 7am every morning. Yesterday, Friday, they knocked of early, Yeah!!! Well, to make up for ti they were there this Morning, YES, Saturday. Air guns a going. Sounded like the firing range at an Army base. helpppppppppppppp. Well, they are gone for the day. Yeah.

The one thing that really bugs me about this building project is, the Porta-John right out front. That is correct! In the front yard close to the road, not behind the tree, but in front of it. Well I have been threatening to decorated it for Christmas. I have red bow from the dollar store, so, when no one is looking, I will strike. Now, I must remember to take a picture for you. This will be a hoot.

Ok, it wont be too bad having a new neighbor. I have met him, He is a captain on the police dept. Have not met his wife yet. The house on the other side of his is a highway patrolman. We should be safe out here. LOL

Merry Christmas, Vicki


Tisket a Tasket, a green and yellow basket.

All colors here. I used 2 inch squares left from other projects and fabric from the stash to make 10 little baskets. OK, OK, I know you only count 9. One has already gone to its new home, in time for Christmas. These were fun to make and I can see Easter, Valentines, 4 of July, Halloween and on and on..............LOL
Thank you, Pink Penguin, for the wonderful pattern. You can find it on her blog at Click on the bag under tutorials. Check out her other ideas also. They are great.

T-Shirt quilts

Merry Christmas to all.

I have been so buzy, I havent updated my blog in awhile. So, here is a little scoop and some pictures.
I have been asking questions on the longarm digest about t-shirt quilts. I had to do 2, from scratch, for a neighbor. Thanks for all of the helpful advice. The first one is Clemson fabric, because the young man graduated from Clemson. The 2nd on is for the daughter, she graduated from the College of Charleston. I couldnt find any C of C fabric, so her mom and I picked out a fun fabric. They are coming this weekend for their Christmas. Mom so pleased and said she would call me after they left to tell me how it went. I just quilted with an all over meander, using orange on the orange quilt and navy on the other one. I didnt not have any trouble going over the big plastic numbers. But I did notice that the needle picked up the color for 2 or 3 stitched after. Probably because the needle gets hot. I machine sewed the binding. After all they are t-shirts. LOL. Only way I would have had them done in time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Christmas is almost here. No, I am not ready. LOL DS put the tree the day after Thanksgiving. This is always his job. He kicks me out of the living room and goes to work. I used to get scared when he was much younger. About the mess he would make. But now at 20, I wonder what I will do when he leaves home. Will he come back to put up my tree????

The red bells were knitted by my mother. There are a few white ones she did. I found the pattern, but havent made any to add. The balls are Styrofoam balls that DS and I covered with 1/2 inch wide Christmas fabrics about 8 years ago.
We had a good time making these. All of his teachers got one that year.
This last picture is of Patch, the wonder dog. He is wondering what I am doing and when he will get a treat. LOL Patch is a Yorkie, a big Yorkie. He is 14 pounds of love and excitement. If he had been a tiny one he would have been smushed in this house.
Well, this is all for now. I think I have caught up for a while anyway.
Have a Very Merry Christmas.


If you have been reading, you will remember that I posted awhile back about Quilters of South Carolina making artfull bras, for breast cancer awareness. Well, the pictures are posted on the QSC website. Please check them out, there are 2 pages, make sure you see them all. What a wonderful project this is. Mine is the Army one, because my husband has been in the SC National Guard almost 30 years.


Socks, Socks, Socks!! I love my knitted socks. They keep my feet warm and fuzzy. The red, blue and yellow are Lorane Laces. I won 1st place at the county fair back in October. The others are from Noro sock yarn. I havent washed or worn these yet. I have been told to soak and let the yarn full first. It has a little ruff feel to it. Currently on the needles are socks using Ragia, Kaffe Fassett. I love his colors. Also, just have to weave in the ends of a sweater I am making for a Christmas present. Cant say who for yet. Next will be a hat, maybe. Sock knitting is great for when I cant sit at the sewing machine.

Aiken Quilt Show

My quilt guild took a road trip the Thursday before Thanksgiving. We went to Aiken, SC, to their annual quilt show. They have a great museum in Aiken and the guild displaces quilts for most of the month of November. And it is free. The museum is great, too. Well worth the visit if you are ever in the area. Now the said part, I lost the pictures in my camera. DUMB DUMB, I hit the wrong button. I will try to do better next time. I doubt it. LOL.

Soap Making

I am so far behind on blogging. The quilting business has kept me very busy this past month. I am almost caught up, YEAH!! Then maybe I can do some of my own.

Here is a picture of the completed soap, from before Thanksgiving. We didnt add color, so it is rather plain. We are going to try some color soon. I forgot to take my camera when we were making the soap. This will make wonderful Christmas presents. I am making the little baskets to put the soap in. I am thinking this will be great.