Saturday, December 20, 2008

New House next door

We are getting a new neighbor. We have been in this house almost 16 years. And the lot next door has been empty. Wooded. Right no one there, except deer, raccons, birds, a red headed wood pecker, an owl and what ever else. We have enjoyed it. Well, someone is building a house there. They start at 7am every morning. Yesterday, Friday, they knocked of early, Yeah!!! Well, to make up for ti they were there this Morning, YES, Saturday. Air guns a going. Sounded like the firing range at an Army base. helpppppppppppppp. Well, they are gone for the day. Yeah.

The one thing that really bugs me about this building project is, the Porta-John right out front. That is correct! In the front yard close to the road, not behind the tree, but in front of it. Well I have been threatening to decorated it for Christmas. I have red bow from the dollar store, so, when no one is looking, I will strike. Now, I must remember to take a picture for you. This will be a hoot.

Ok, it wont be too bad having a new neighbor. I have met him, He is a captain on the police dept. Have not met his wife yet. The house on the other side of his is a highway patrolman. We should be safe out here. LOL

Merry Christmas, Vicki

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