Saturday, December 20, 2008

T-Shirt quilts

Merry Christmas to all.

I have been so buzy, I havent updated my blog in awhile. So, here is a little scoop and some pictures.
I have been asking questions on the longarm digest about t-shirt quilts. I had to do 2, from scratch, for a neighbor. Thanks for all of the helpful advice. The first one is Clemson fabric, because the young man graduated from Clemson. The 2nd on is for the daughter, she graduated from the College of Charleston. I couldnt find any C of C fabric, so her mom and I picked out a fun fabric. They are coming this weekend for their Christmas. Mom so pleased and said she would call me after they left to tell me how it went. I just quilted with an all over meander, using orange on the orange quilt and navy on the other one. I didnt not have any trouble going over the big plastic numbers. But I did notice that the needle picked up the color for 2 or 3 stitched after. Probably because the needle gets hot. I machine sewed the binding. After all they are t-shirts. LOL. Only way I would have had them done in time.

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