Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bannana Bread

It got COLD here last nite. 17F I know you northern folks and out west think that isnt much. But here in SC that is cold. We just had 70F last week. Typical for Dec.
I have a pot of Veggie soup on the stove for supper. DH has gone hunting and will be cold when he gets in. Soup is such a wonderful comfort food.
Speaking of comfort food. I had a few bananas about to go bad, so bread time. Here is my mid afternoon snack. Yes, it is as wonderful as it looks. I put it in the bread maker this morning and when DS and I got back from the grocery store, it was ready. Perfect.
Merry Christmas to all


Joyce said...

Comfort food is the best.
I can't wait for our 70 degrees on Christmas day.

Susan in SC said...

Banana bread - yummy! I just found your blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog.