Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Tobbaco Road

I thought I had my OTC ready for the border. Layed it out on the floor Thursday nite after sewing for 3 hours. Stood back and found a 4 patch turned the wrong way. Then looked some more and found 5 of them turned the wrong way. So pinned each one, so I can find it. Had other stuff to do for a few days, then will have to fix this. I did get the goose part of my flying geese cut out. So it wasnt a total loss this weekend.

I had lunch with my Dad today. Tomorrow is his birthday. Happy birthday Dad. I love you. Had a good time today.

Then we were off to an Eagle Scout ceremony. DH is an assistant scout master and had to read a part. It was good to see the other parents there. Hadnt seen some in awhile.

No pictures to post tonite. Happy quilting


Monday, September 15, 2008

Old Tobbaco Road

Time for an update. Here is a picture of my pinwheels. FINISHED!!! Yeah!! I sewed all afternoon Saturday and have half of step 4 finished. This is the 2nd picture. Boy those greens are brighter than I thought they would be. It is well known in my quilting circle that I can not make a pastel quilt. LOL. I think even if someone picked out the fabric for me, it would still end up with something brite. I just cant help myself. I think I will use the left overs to make the flying geese and maybe add some blue. I cant believe I havent put blue in here yet. This is very different for me, but I love the stretch.
Had to put this aside today so could work on customer quilts for out county fair in 3 weeks. I have 2 to go and need to finish the binding on mine. Sure would like to get another one of mine ready, but it is a king size and I cant see me getting the binding done that fast. I have to quilt it first. But I might try. Will post pictures after the judging, so wont tip anyone off.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Old Tobbaco Road

I have made my 4 patches for Old Tobbaco Road by Bonnie Hunter. Here is a picture of the fabric getting ready for strip piecing. Now they are cut and stacked at 2 patches, ready to sew again. Next are the finished 4 patches before ironing. DH is using the iron right now. Yes, he is making another quilt. Hush, I am not supposed to tell. I cant post any pictures or tell you about it until he is finished. SOOO, I have to hush.
The last picture of yellows will be my pinwheels for OTR. If you havent seen tobbaco growing, it starts bright green, gets a little darker and as it starts drying turns yellow, then to shades of browns or tobbaco color. My grandaddy smoked cigars, so I saw a lot of the tobbaco colors when I was growing up. I also had a chance, in the late 1970's, to see an auction house where tobbaco was sold. The bundles were beautiful golden bowns and the smell was wonderful. It is a shame it is so bad for our health.
Digging in my fabric had been fun. I am not going to buy any fabric for this quilt. The lites in the 4 patches were left over from the backs on some charity quilts I did. It worked out as just enough. The lights for the pinwheels will be a little more mixed up, which is more fun. But we work with what we have. There is not a quilt shop, fabric store, or Wal-mart that has fabric with in 45 miles of here. We make do. I do love scrap quilts.
Now what color am I going to make my bricks. Darker browns and maybe so mutted reds??? We will see.