Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Tobbaco Road

I thought I had my OTC ready for the border. Layed it out on the floor Thursday nite after sewing for 3 hours. Stood back and found a 4 patch turned the wrong way. Then looked some more and found 5 of them turned the wrong way. So pinned each one, so I can find it. Had other stuff to do for a few days, then will have to fix this. I did get the goose part of my flying geese cut out. So it wasnt a total loss this weekend.

I had lunch with my Dad today. Tomorrow is his birthday. Happy birthday Dad. I love you. Had a good time today.

Then we were off to an Eagle Scout ceremony. DH is an assistant scout master and had to read a part. It was good to see the other parents there. Hadnt seen some in awhile.

No pictures to post tonite. Happy quilting


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