Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catching Up

Well, It has been a month sence I blogged. Life got away from me. I will TRY to do this in cronological order. I have been having trouble with my longarm. Just when I was trying to finish up customer quilts for our county fair. First was the brushes. I could not find the right size around here, so had to order. Took 4 days. Then finished that quilt. Started the next quilt and had skipped stitches only when I went left to right. Cleaned the tracks and wheels. Tried every thing I could think of. The called Gammill. The after discussing with Gerold, he decided that it was the cord for the stitch regulator. Order a new one, another 4 day wait. It worked!! Got the next quilt finished. Fair quits finished. Now had to catch up on others from longarm being down. Got several rows into the next pano and the machine DIED!! dead as a doornail. Checked all connections and found the fuse blow. At least I found fuses locally, at Advanced Auto, of all places. LOL. anyway, tried a new fuse, still blew fuse. Called Gammill back. Talked to Gerold and Kenny, the electrion, determind the mother board was bad. Another 4 day wait for the new (refurbished) one to come. Overnite shipping was $50.00, no way. Relpaced everything and had a wire that came loose. Had to wait until next day, called Kenny back, he told me where it hooked up and I was back in bussiness. Have done 3 large quilts with no problem. YEAH!! Anyway, when I took the old mother board off, it looked like oil had gotten on the back of it and this probably is what shorted it out. I am sending it back to Gammill for $25.00 credit. every little bit helps.

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Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi There!

I happened to Google "Why fuse blows on a Gammill?" and came upon your blog.

We've had our Gammill since May and have had NO problems with it.

This afternoon, while hubby is quilting a client's quilt, the fuse blows! For no reason.

Anyhow, can you tell me if we need to put a .5 fuse or simply a 5 fuse?

The original fuse looks to have a POINT five on it, but when we called Gammill, they told us "No, it should be a FIVE amp."

Thanks for your time!

Oh... BTW, DH opened up the machine and it looks like the mother board is fried, unfortunately.

Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, New Brunswick