Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mary Ethel's quilt

I found it. After posting about my friends quilt. I took a chair and sat in front of the book case. I have lots of books. LOL
I started my looking at only scrap quilt type of books. And on the 5th book, I found it. ON the cover no less. The book is "Scraps to You, Too" by Debbie Caffery. The book is all quilts using the birds in the air blocks. I forgot I had it, what fun. I called Mary Ethel and told her, she is so excited to be able to finish this quilt. I will post a picture when it is finished. I machine quilt for her, so I know I will see it again.
Thanks for all of your help.

Mary Ethel's quilt

My Friend Mary Ethel found this quilt in a box in her sewing room. The blocks are put together, some of the block are put into rows. The pattern was not with the fabrics. The question is, Does anyone know what this pattern is?? She wants to finish it, but cant find the pattern to get the layout correct. If you know what is it please let me know. Thanks ahead of time.

Isnt this wonderful. What a great scrap quilt.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rainy Day

After a very rainy day due to the edge of tropical storm Fay, I havent done any quilting. I have been very lazy. Should have sewed and sewed today. I stated that this would be a quilting and knitting blog. I havent posted any knitting yet. So here are pics of some socks I have made. I have 2 new pair, but havent taken pics yet. I am working on a Noro sockyarn pair now. And trying to knit a sweater for stepson for Christmas. Hopefully will get sweater done. Have the sleaves finished and working on the body now.
I hope all of our Fla and gulf coast friends stay dry. My niece and nephew are near Gainsville and are getting soaked.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rachael's quilt

This is the quilt I made for Rachael. Let me tell you the story. Rachael just turned 8 in July. Back in April she asked me, "Ms Vicki, I understand you make things." I said yes, I do. Would you like me to make you something. She said yes, and I asked what. Rachael in a tiny voice said a blanket. I told her it would take a few months but I would work on it. Well I missed her birthday, because I didnt know when it was. We, DH,DS and myself too the quilt to her Wed. nite. She grinned from ear to ear. She is very shy, so no hugs, but a tiny thank you and she would not put it down. LOL. Her granddad wrapped it around her. It was sooo cute. And I left the camera home,booo. Made a pillow case from left overs, also.
I havent felt good all week. The dreaded sinus thing. Last nite I sewed crumb blocks. I made 30 blocks. WOW my crumb bag got smaller. YEAH. I really need to work on string now. I think I want to do the star Bonnie has on her web site. will be fun.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grand Tetons

My son is a boy scout and will probably be one all his life. LOL. He loves it. He is a member of the Order of the Arrow. For you non scouters, this is where they get into the Indian lour and do larger service projects. This summer they had a very large service project. It was called Arrow Corp 5.
They had 5 locations around the country where they helped the forestry department. William went to Jackson Hole Wy. They made a new trail in the Grand Tetons. Their goal was 10 miles and they made 12 miles of trail. This was such a good trip for him.
Anyway, I know you are wonder what this has to do with quilting. While he was gone, my birthday came. He brought me a present back. FABRIC. 5 yards of the orange and 4 yards of the blue. I still cant believe it. He found a quilt store, Stitch 'n Time, and went in and bought me fabric all by him self. He did not ask for help, he said he just looked for something that was different from any he had seen at home. Good idea. By the way he is 20. What beautiful fabrics. I ask him what he wanted made from it. LOL. He wants and Indian Ribbon shirt from the blue. OK. not a problem. It only takes 3 yards for the shirt, so I get the left overs for my stash. Hope I get to use it on Bonnies next mystery quilt. I need suggestions on how to use the orange. I dont want to cut it up too much, it has such a beautiful scene on it.
What a wonderful birthday this year.

Garret and Jacob get their quilts

Here are pictures of my nephews getting the quilts I made for them. They were sooooo excited.
The first 2 are Garret and the last 2 are Jacob. They both said, "How did you know what we liked." I told them quilters have ways of knowing. Kind of like Santa. What fun we had. The nieces were here also. Didnt get their picture this time. They already have quilts from me.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nephews Quilts

I received a call that our niece was coming up from Flordia this weekend. She will be delivering her grandson, Jacob, back to his mom after staying the summer in Flordia. Jacob lived in NC so this is about half way for them. They are bringing the whole family, including a kind of foster boy, Garret. I made a quilt for both boys. The tops have been sitting here until I got a chance to quilt. I have been busy with others lately. Anyway, I worked all day yesterday to get them quilted and the binding on. I did cheat a little, I sewed the binding on by machine and I just quilted with an all over meander. But needed to get these done. Here are pictures of both quilts. DH held them up for me. The top one is Jacob's, the chunky churn dash have been telling about. I used up all of the scraps for the back. wooohooo. got rid of more fabric. The only fabric I bought was the baseball fabric. The second quilt is Garret's. It is a sawtooth star with horsed fussy cut for the centers. I had a fat quarter of Roy Rogers fabric I used for some of them. Also used a fat quarter of cow print for the corner stones. Next to it is the back. Used up most of the fabric. Yeah! Both quilts were fun to make. Hopefully will get pictures of the boys with their quilt.
A friend of DH gave us a 5 gallon buck stuffed full of field peas Friday. I have been shelling peas this afternoon. Still have plenty to go. But is a nice break from quilting.