Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nephews Quilts

I received a call that our niece was coming up from Flordia this weekend. She will be delivering her grandson, Jacob, back to his mom after staying the summer in Flordia. Jacob lived in NC so this is about half way for them. They are bringing the whole family, including a kind of foster boy, Garret. I made a quilt for both boys. The tops have been sitting here until I got a chance to quilt. I have been busy with others lately. Anyway, I worked all day yesterday to get them quilted and the binding on. I did cheat a little, I sewed the binding on by machine and I just quilted with an all over meander. But needed to get these done. Here are pictures of both quilts. DH held them up for me. The top one is Jacob's, the chunky churn dash have been telling about. I used up all of the scraps for the back. wooohooo. got rid of more fabric. The only fabric I bought was the baseball fabric. The second quilt is Garret's. It is a sawtooth star with horsed fussy cut for the centers. I had a fat quarter of Roy Rogers fabric I used for some of them. Also used a fat quarter of cow print for the corner stones. Next to it is the back. Used up most of the fabric. Yeah! Both quilts were fun to make. Hopefully will get pictures of the boys with their quilt.
A friend of DH gave us a 5 gallon buck stuffed full of field peas Friday. I have been shelling peas this afternoon. Still have plenty to go. But is a nice break from quilting.


Dionne said...

Great Quilts! Absolutely boy-perfect! They look really, really happy. They are very lucky to have an auntie like you!

Kucki68 said...

I am sure the boys will love those colorful quilts.