Monday, July 28, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. It was a good day. Saturday DH took me to the quilt store, found some bargains plus they had a sale. We shopped for a TV. Didnt buy one. Ours is acting up. Boy are they expensive now. The last one we bought, about 7 years ago, was only around $300. I dont think we will get out of this under $1000. I am sure going to wait until the old one goes and may watch the 13in screen for awhile after that. Anyway after that, DH to me to Outback, was best steak I have had in a while. The on to the movies. We say Mama Mia. Yes, he was wonderful an took me to a chick flick. We both laughed alot. So it was a very good day. Sunday my Dad took us to lunch and that was very nice. I enjoyed visiting with him and my stepmom. We only live about 65 miles away, but dont see enough of each other. Today, I slept late. Yes, I was lazy. I was going to sew for me, but didnt. Watched a little TV. Knitted on socks. We bought a TCBY cake for my birthday. wonderful. I even broke down and vacumned the floor. It really needed it. Much thread from laying out quilts. LOL

So, no new quilts to show off. Here is one from Jan. this year. This is a t-shirt quilt I made from National Guard t-shirts and ACU (uniform) fabric.
DH is in the SC National Guard. Our FRG (family readiness group) raffled this quilt to raise money for coming home activities, as our soldiers came home from Afganistan. They all returned as the end of May.


Ila said...

ACU comes in yardage?? May I ask where?

Congrats on your quilt. My DH has a pile of t-shirts that I'd like to move on, and you've shown a great way to do it!

Happy belated birthday.

Karen E. Overton said...

Happy belated birthday Vicki - I'm a July baby too and also went to a quilt shop on my birthday! We saw Momma Mia prior to my BD but I'm like you, it made me laugh. Glad to find you on blogger, have put you in my favorites list. Happy quilting! karen O in Texas

Anonymous said...

I like your t-shirt quilt. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I am a July baby too.