Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quilt Car

Another treat a retreat was the QUILT CAR. There is a PT Cruiser under there somewhere. This was made by Jinny Grobusky, you can reach her at, if you are interested in renting it. Please put quilt car in the subject line so she will not think you are spamming her. She was very gracious to give me permission to post her pictures on my blog. This is so cool.

Back from Retreat

Good morning. I am back from retreat. Really got back Sunday late. I was pooped. Rested up Monday and back to quilting yesterday. Had a wonderful time. Had a great class. Finished all but the borders on my quilt top. I used a jelly roll and a 5 inch charm pack, background and star fabric were separate. Here is a picture of mine. Every ones colors were different and beautiful. The pattern is called "This Could Be Your Grandma's Quilt". You can get the pattern from Anita Bowen at Beehive Quilting and Design, at Just put the name of the quilt in the subject box.

We were issued a Challenge in March to create an Artful Bra, for breast cancer awareness. This is mine. My husband has been in the SC National Guard for almost 30 years. So, the name of my bra is, "For Those Who Serve", May they be Army Strong on the outside and Women on the inside. You cant really see the inside, but is is lined with red lace. I cant put picture of the others, but when they get the pictures on the QSC website I will post a link so you can see them. They were fun and funny. We had over 40. They are going to be available for display in SC to November 2009.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off to Quilt Retreat

Last nite Lynne Buske from Lexington SC came to the Starlight Quilters in Orangeburg. She presented a trunk show. It was wonderful. I have taken classes from her and seen alot of her quilts. But she has stuff I had not seen before. I was a quilt holder, so you know I got a close up view. Sooo much fun.

I am off to our annual quilt retreat, this weekend. "Our" is the Quilters of South Carolina, QSC. I am looking forward to seeing friend from all over the state. And of course sewing, sewing, and sewing. The food is always good. Thanks to WhiteOak Conference Center, run by the South Carolina Baptist Conv. Show and tell is fun. Pictures will follow when I get home, if my longarm doesnt die again. I hope I dont jinx it. LOL

sorry, no pictures this time.


Trip to Brevard NC

On Oct. 11 & 12 DH and I went to visit our son at college in Brevard NC. He had been home the weekend before and need new tires on his truck, so he took my car back with and we went up to trade. I was glad to get my car back!! William, DS, works at the campus theater. He had to work Sat. and got us tickets to the show. East Villiage Opera Company, . They preformed different selections from opera's as Rock N Roll. I reconized some, which was good. The tennor was great. He sang in the original language of the opera. He was very expressive. Even DH enjoyed it. We got cultured. LOL

The next day William took us up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the follige. It was beautiful. Then we went to Dupont Forest to a waterfall. We had to walk a little, not much. This waterfall was in the movie "Last of the Mohicans". This was so cool. The pictures of Wayne at the signs is to prove he was there. He doesnt like driving in the mountains. Hates (not strong enough) the drop offs. Loves to walk thru them.

It was also our wedding anniversery. 23 years strong. Yes, he is a keeper.
So here are pictures.

Trip to Brevard NC 2008

Orangeburg County Fair

Our local quilt show is at our county fair each year. We take turns during the week sitting with the quilts to keep them safe. We also answer many questions. We usually take something to work on while we are there to show folks what we do. I have uploaded pictures to webshots and I am going to try to do a slideshow on here. We will see if I can do it. LOL

Orangebug County Fair 2008

I think I did it. Enjoy the pictures. I didnt get every quilt, battries ran out. Almost forgot. Wayne won a 1st place ribbon for a first time quilter at the fair. I am so proud of him. I won a 1st and 2nd place. Dont have pictures of those yet, because battries died.


Old Tobbaco Road

My OTC is coming along. I am working on attaching the flying geese borders. Getting that small inter border has been hard, sence it didnt work out even like Bonnies. Here are pictures before I started the boarder.

Catching Up

Well, It has been a month sence I blogged. Life got away from me. I will TRY to do this in cronological order. I have been having trouble with my longarm. Just when I was trying to finish up customer quilts for our county fair. First was the brushes. I could not find the right size around here, so had to order. Took 4 days. Then finished that quilt. Started the next quilt and had skipped stitches only when I went left to right. Cleaned the tracks and wheels. Tried every thing I could think of. The called Gammill. The after discussing with Gerold, he decided that it was the cord for the stitch regulator. Order a new one, another 4 day wait. It worked!! Got the next quilt finished. Fair quits finished. Now had to catch up on others from longarm being down. Got several rows into the next pano and the machine DIED!! dead as a doornail. Checked all connections and found the fuse blow. At least I found fuses locally, at Advanced Auto, of all places. LOL. anyway, tried a new fuse, still blew fuse. Called Gammill back. Talked to Gerold and Kenny, the electrion, determind the mother board was bad. Another 4 day wait for the new (refurbished) one to come. Overnite shipping was $50.00, no way. Relpaced everything and had a wire that came loose. Had to wait until next day, called Kenny back, he told me where it hooked up and I was back in bussiness. Have done 3 large quilts with no problem. YEAH!! Anyway, when I took the old mother board off, it looked like oil had gotten on the back of it and this probably is what shorted it out. I am sending it back to Gammill for $25.00 credit. every little bit helps.