Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Patch the Wonder Dog

Update on Patch. He is doing good with his diabetes. He had a little problem over the weekend. I think he chased the basketball too much and over worked himself. We will have to limit ball time to help him out. He pushes around a ball with his nose like a soccer ball. We did have a soccer ball, but he got his teeth into it and you know the rest. I bought the cheapest basketball and he loves it. The is the 2nd one. DH ran over one with the lawn mower. It was a sad day. The first picture is on the way home from the summer hair cut. COOLING IT MAN!!

Carl Sandburg Home

As a child I remember my Mom giving me a book of poems by Carl Sandburg. I though it was great. Finally, in April, I was able to visit his last home in Flat Rock, NC. His wife raised goats and some of the offspring still live there. Here are pictures of triplets that are 3 days old. Two are together and the 3rd off by himself. Also is a picture of a feed or hay barn. I just love the look of the barn. It is smaller at the bottom than the top and leans a little. It has a slate roof with moss growing on it. We could not take pictures inside the house. But is was left just like it was when he died. Even a cigar stub in the ash tray. Reminded me of my grandfather very much. This was a big treat for me. This is a National Park, so enjoy it if you get a chance.


Well, I have been messing around with this thing. about and hour, trying to down load a sideshow of pictures. Then individual pictures. Dont know what I am doing wrong.!!!!! shall I try again. anyway, you can click on the link here and see the pictures.



Trip to Paducah

Back in April I made my 2nd trip to the AQS quilt show in Paducah. The first time was in 2000. this time I went with "RunAway Travels" out of the Greenville SC area. Four of us from the lower part of SC went to Greenville and hopped the bus to the quilt show. There were 28 of us and we had a ball. We had a great tour guide and a bus driver. And lots of room on the bus. This trip was better than the first trip, where I had to do all the driving and stay 55 miles from the show. I was pooped on that trip. Still was pooped on this trip.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took. I didnt get all of them, so I bought a book that had all of the pictures in it and went thu it marking all the winners.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Husband Retires

Yes, you heard me right. DH retired. After 31 years in the SC National Guard, he was ready. 25 of those years as his full time job. He was the last Viet Nam vet in his unit and almost the oldest. He was offered and early retirement and took it. He would have aged out in another year. He was ready to go. He said leave it to the young ones. Thing have changed too much in the last few years.

So, last week after getting back from Paducah, we had to go fill out retirement papers on Tuesday. On Wed. we had to get a physical to be released. Thursday was his last day at work. Friday was his retirement lunch with his work buddies. All of this was 45 to 60 miles from home. I was pooped from all the going. LOL

He is working in the shed and yard for the month of May. The he will work at boy scout camp for 5 weeks this summer. He will be teaching rife shooting. Yes, he is NRA certified. Then, we are going to Canada to visit our friend Heather. She has been after us to visit for awhile, so now we can. To beat all he has a job lined up for when we get back. Just kind of walked into it. Go figure. LOL

I will take lots of pictures on our trip to Canada. A trip of a life time.

Keep quilting, I am!



Went to Paducah week before last. Was a little disappointed in a few thing. The quilts were wonderful. Hancocks of P. was not as great as I remembered from 9 years ago. They had lots of Moda, Kaffe, and batiks. That was about it. No discounts on the main floor. The warehouse had yard pieces at a discount, but a lot of the same stuff and not much shirting type fabrics. That said, I did good at Eleanor Burns tent. All of her fabrics were 5.99. I didn't think there were as many vendors as before. But it was not as crowed as before. I did have a good time and of course I bought things. LOL who could resist. I will post some pictures later if time permits.