Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Husband Retires

Yes, you heard me right. DH retired. After 31 years in the SC National Guard, he was ready. 25 of those years as his full time job. He was the last Viet Nam vet in his unit and almost the oldest. He was offered and early retirement and took it. He would have aged out in another year. He was ready to go. He said leave it to the young ones. Thing have changed too much in the last few years.

So, last week after getting back from Paducah, we had to go fill out retirement papers on Tuesday. On Wed. we had to get a physical to be released. Thursday was his last day at work. Friday was his retirement lunch with his work buddies. All of this was 45 to 60 miles from home. I was pooped from all the going. LOL

He is working in the shed and yard for the month of May. The he will work at boy scout camp for 5 weeks this summer. He will be teaching rife shooting. Yes, he is NRA certified. Then, we are going to Canada to visit our friend Heather. She has been after us to visit for awhile, so now we can. To beat all he has a job lined up for when we get back. Just kind of walked into it. Go figure. LOL

I will take lots of pictures on our trip to Canada. A trip of a life time.

Keep quilting, I am!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Wayne and thanks for all the years of service to our country. I enjoyed meeting you in Charleston.......hope you can fit some more quilting into your schedule!! Enjoy your retirement.

Susan from Aiken

Karen E. Overton said...

I too echo the thoughts of congratulations as well as a heart felt thank you to your husband for his service to our country. I'm a Navy brat, my dad served in Vietnam as a SEABEE - I still have a little New Testament he gave me with their Seabees logo on it,(probably around 1968 or so) I'm guessing it was given to him by the military or perhaps the Gideons. Without the sacrifice of our military and their families I shutter to think where we would be now. Enjoy your retirement, may there be many happy years together doing the things you love!

Jackie said...

Congratulations on the retirement and thank you for your husbands years of service to our country.

Some of our happiest family activities involved Boy Scouts. I hope your husband enjoys working at a BSA summer camp. The kids always have such a great time!

Quilter Kathy said...

Where are you going in Canada??
I live in S. Ontario...need any advice on quilting stores to visit?!?