Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Carl Sandburg Home

As a child I remember my Mom giving me a book of poems by Carl Sandburg. I though it was great. Finally, in April, I was able to visit his last home in Flat Rock, NC. His wife raised goats and some of the offspring still live there. Here are pictures of triplets that are 3 days old. Two are together and the 3rd off by himself. Also is a picture of a feed or hay barn. I just love the look of the barn. It is smaller at the bottom than the top and leans a little. It has a slate roof with moss growing on it. We could not take pictures inside the house. But is was left just like it was when he died. Even a cigar stub in the ash tray. Reminded me of my grandfather very much. This was a big treat for me. This is a National Park, so enjoy it if you get a chance.

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