Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Finished my Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  Yea!!  the piecing is finished.  Now to quilt it.  So, there is still work to do.  I took today for me.  Everyone needs a me day now and then.

Happy Quilting, Vicki

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beginning Quilting

I have been teaching a beginning quilting class at the quilt shop here.  I have 4 students who are amazing.  We laugh a lot and sew alot.  And we are almost finished with our sampler quilt top.  Here are some pictures of the progress.  I am so proud of these ladies.  One is missing due to a sick grandchild in the hospital.  Hope she is well soon.

Barbara's quilt.  She wants to add 3 more blocks.
Holly's quilt.  Looking good.
Susan's quilt.  Dont ya just love it?

Houses everywhere

 Susan's housed a la Bonnie Hunter pattern over at Quiltville. Susan did a great job with this top and I quilted it with an allover design.  Too much color to do anything else.  She loves it, too.  The just squares is the backing.  It is all 5 inch squares left over from another project.  Way to go using up the scraps.  I will have to add this to my to do list for after I finish those pesky UFO's

Happy Quilting, Vicki

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Niece, Emily

I just have to tell you this story.  If you already heard it, just skip this post.  2 weeks ago, another Friday nite checking emails and stuff, I got a text from Emily.  Emily is my sister's daughter, she is 16.  A little history.  I have all boys, so she is my girl.  We are in lower SC and they are in VA, near DC.  So we visit about once a year.  Last year for Christmas I made pillowcases for the nieces and nephews.  Emily love Converse low top sneakers.  They call them Chucks up there.  I found some fabric with all colors of Chucks on it, so of course that was Emily's pillowcase.  I got a big big hug.  Anyway back to 2 weeks ago and the text. 

Emily:  Hi Aunt Vicki, this is Emily, your niece.  Will you do me a favor?
Me:  sure, what
Emily:  make me another pillowcase
Me: sure, what kind
Emily:  Buzz Lightyear   ( you heard right)
Me:  ok, but you will have to wait until I get to the city to find some.  maybe a few weeks.
Emily:  can I get it and send it to you.
Me: sure about 1 yard.

So, several days later I get a big envelope with Buzz Light year in it.  I make the pillowcase and 2 more a little more fashionable for a 16yr old girl.  I called my sister to tell her Buzz had flown the coop and was on the way back to Va.  Emily sent a letter with the fabric.  She had gone from a single bed to a queen and none, I mean none of the other pillowcases in the house would do.  LOL.  She offer to pay me.  I told her never. 

You know my sister could have made this for her.  I just love Emily,  and I know she loves me.

Later  Emily:  thanks lots love you so much.

hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Another one bites the dust

Another UFO finished!!! I had this finished last week, but just got a picture to post.  This is Carolina Christmas Mystery form 2010, by Bonnie Hunter.  She used green where I have blue, therefore the Christmas.  That is me on the left and my friend Annette on the right, helping me hold it up for show and tell at the QSC Spring Meeting.  As you can see the binding wasnt finished.  But it is now.  The border looks a little funny, but it is just sections of the reds I used in the quilt.  I do like this quilt.

Happy Quilting, Vicki


Yes, I have been shopping.  I found about a cloth shop that closed Jan.31, this year.  It was only open 2 years.  It was about 45 min. from home and I just heard about it.  Anyway, the owner is selling the stock that is left for 1/2 price.  Yes, she has quilting cottons.  Now, so do I.  No, I didnt buy out the stock!  Wish I could have, but did get a lot.  Had several things in mind like childrens charity quilts and fabric for a One Block Wonder.  I signed up for the OBW class at fall retreat.  Hope I get in it.  And that this fabric will work.  Here  are pictures.

What so you think about this for a One Block Wonder?  I am really not sure.  There is alot of orange! 

What an exciting day.  Tomorrow will be filled with excitement, too.  It will be the last day of the beginner quilting class I have been teaching.  We will be sashing and bordering.  LOL.    I cant wait to see how everyone's comes out.  And I have to take pictures for Ya'll

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello World

It is time for me to come out from under my rock.  Life has been sooo busy.  We had our QSC, Quilters of SC, Spring Meeting here in Orangeburg last Sat.  I am the spring registrar.  So, was very busy.  Of course Pat, the Chairperson was even more busy.  But all went well and we had a great time.  Food was good and there was plenty of it.  The guest speaker was Susan K Cleveland, of Piping Hot Binding fame.  The classes Friday and Sunday were full, plus I was busy, so I took her class Tuesday at Greater Columbia Quilt guild.  The class was piping hot curves, macaroni.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  wish I had known her techniques when I was making my sons clothes.  Long time ago..... he will be 23 on March 29.