Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I have been shopping.  I found about a cloth shop that closed Jan.31, this year.  It was only open 2 years.  It was about 45 min. from home and I just heard about it.  Anyway, the owner is selling the stock that is left for 1/2 price.  Yes, she has quilting cottons.  Now, so do I.  No, I didnt buy out the stock!  Wish I could have, but did get a lot.  Had several things in mind like childrens charity quilts and fabric for a One Block Wonder.  I signed up for the OBW class at fall retreat.  Hope I get in it.  And that this fabric will work.  Here  are pictures.

What so you think about this for a One Block Wonder?  I am really not sure.  There is alot of orange! 

What an exciting day.  Tomorrow will be filled with excitement, too.  It will be the last day of the beginner quilting class I have been teaching.  We will be sashing and bordering.  LOL.    I cant wait to see how everyone's comes out.  And I have to take pictures for Ya'll

Happy Quilting,


Joyce said...

What Shop????

Anonymous said...

Yes, what shop?

And that orange and green is just. Well, you know me....