Friday, March 25, 2011

My Niece, Emily

I just have to tell you this story.  If you already heard it, just skip this post.  2 weeks ago, another Friday nite checking emails and stuff, I got a text from Emily.  Emily is my sister's daughter, she is 16.  A little history.  I have all boys, so she is my girl.  We are in lower SC and they are in VA, near DC.  So we visit about once a year.  Last year for Christmas I made pillowcases for the nieces and nephews.  Emily love Converse low top sneakers.  They call them Chucks up there.  I found some fabric with all colors of Chucks on it, so of course that was Emily's pillowcase.  I got a big big hug.  Anyway back to 2 weeks ago and the text. 

Emily:  Hi Aunt Vicki, this is Emily, your niece.  Will you do me a favor?
Me:  sure, what
Emily:  make me another pillowcase
Me: sure, what kind
Emily:  Buzz Lightyear   ( you heard right)
Me:  ok, but you will have to wait until I get to the city to find some.  maybe a few weeks.
Emily:  can I get it and send it to you.
Me: sure about 1 yard.

So, several days later I get a big envelope with Buzz Light year in it.  I make the pillowcase and 2 more a little more fashionable for a 16yr old girl.  I called my sister to tell her Buzz had flown the coop and was on the way back to Va.  Emily sent a letter with the fabric.  She had gone from a single bed to a queen and none, I mean none of the other pillowcases in the house would do.  LOL.  She offer to pay me.  I told her never. 

You know my sister could have made this for her.  I just love Emily,  and I know she loves me.

Later  Emily:  thanks lots love you so much.

hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


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Emily D. said...

I love you too Aunt Vicki!!!!! :)