Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Here is my newest quilt. Finished, binding and all. I say that, because I have a king size that I quilted a year ago and still doesn't have the binding on it. This is a scrappy trip around the world. The pattern is free from Bonnie Hunter at Of course the Kilroy holding the quilt is my dear husband. 4 weeks until he shaves and has a haircut. He retired last year, from the military, and said he was growing it for a year. I do love this quilt and may have to make another one. I still have bunches of 2 1/2 strips.
This pile is my next quilt in progress. It will be a Jewel Box. Very scrappy. Lots of making units. Twosies, the 4 patches and half square triangles. The put those together and this is what you get. There are 85 of the. 5 more than I need. Next you put 4 together with half square triangles in the middle, trying to not to let like colors touch. I did get that part finished tonite, but didnt get a picture. Tomorrow, at quilt group, I will lay them out to make the rows. WOW, I am getting close. I need this for a high school graduation gift for my niece, my brothers oldest. Dont worry, she doesnt even know about my blog. I have used up more of those 2 1/2 inch strips. There sure are alot left. Must have rabbits in the box. LOL
On another subject. DH made 2 blue bird boxes this morning and Mrs Blue Bird moved in by 3pm this afternoon, building her nest. Our old box was knocked down and broken in a wind storm. Very sad, because my Mom had made it. But the new birds make up for that.
Happy Quilting, Vicki

Laura Wasilowski

Here is Laura and a sample of her work. If you are interested check out Laura's website at

Laura was the guest speaker at the annual Quilters of SC meeting this past Saturday. She was funny, entertaining and just delightful. She even sang songs for us. I took a workshop class from her the Wednesday before. What fun. Very liberating. I learned FREE CUTTING! just whacking the fabric and fusing together. Our class was called Small Houses. I am adding embellishments to mine and then will have a picture for you. In the mean time here are pictures from the class.

Dont you just love these hand dyed fabrics? I sure do.

Happy Quilting, Vicki

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Quilt Shop in Sumter

I told you about going to a new quilt shop in Sumter, SC. But, I didnt have the info in front of me at the time. After several emails asking about it, here it is. The shop is MY FAVORITE THINGS. Located at 12 West Liberty St, Sumter, SC. phone is 803 883-4887. The owner Barbara was very nice and very patient with us, we were a little excited. LOL
Here is a picture of a quilt I started last summer. All from 2 1/2 inch strips. It is not as big as I thought it would be. I will have to add more to it or add a border. Who knows when I will get back to it. But, I really like it.
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pam Bono

Yesterday some friends and I went to Sumter to see Pam Bono. What a wonderful time we had. We went to a new quilt shop and shopped. It was a great new find. Had a quick supper at Five Guys, if you havent had Five Guys yet you must. The greatest hamburgers and real homemade fries. The potatoes are cut fresh right there. Wonderful. Finally we got to the lecture/trunk show. Pam told her and Robert got started. The ups and downs. They actually work together designing quilts. It was a great day. Here are a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them. It is so hard to decide which pictures to show you. If you would like to see more go to Pam's website at

I also got to see quilt friends that I dont see very often. so much fun.

Happy Quilting,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Charleson SC Quilt Show

I went to the Charleston Quilt Show Saturday. Had to get out of the house from DS. Boy was he cranky for a few days after surgery. Pat and Deni went with me. We had a great time, of course. I took lots of pictures, but know I missed some. And ideas, wow lot and lots. Lots of vendors were there, of course.

The most excited thing is my friend George Ann won Best Handquilting!!! Yeah!!! Here is a picture of the quilt. And one of the ribbon.

One of my favorite quilts was in the silent auction booth. Not even in the show. LOL. I may have to make one. Will add it to the long list of want too. I think wonky houses are great. It just looks like fun.
I will post a few other pictures this week. I cant remember how to do a slide show. If I figure it out, I will make one. But quilting is more fun that trying to figure out computers.
Happy Quilting,

One Stop Shop Hop

What a great idea! A big room and lots of vendors. No driving from store to store. What fun. About 2 weeks ago a group of us went to Lancaster to the One Stop Shop Hop. We had a great time. Lots of vendors under one roof. Here is a picture from across the room. Look at all the shoppers. Another picture of a quilt kit I bought. I just love it. And a picture of the Quilters of SC heart quilt display. Yes, mine is in there.

It has been awhile since you have heard from me. Life has been crazy. My son, the college senior, had knee surgery this past Thursday. He had a torn cartilage. He is doing good. Not using crutches anymore. Just limping around. No idea when it happened, but has been bothering him for awhile. He is home on spring break this week. He only missed a few days of school.
Happy quilting,