Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Here is my newest quilt. Finished, binding and all. I say that, because I have a king size that I quilted a year ago and still doesn't have the binding on it. This is a scrappy trip around the world. The pattern is free from Bonnie Hunter at Of course the Kilroy holding the quilt is my dear husband. 4 weeks until he shaves and has a haircut. He retired last year, from the military, and said he was growing it for a year. I do love this quilt and may have to make another one. I still have bunches of 2 1/2 strips.
This pile is my next quilt in progress. It will be a Jewel Box. Very scrappy. Lots of making units. Twosies, the 4 patches and half square triangles. The put those together and this is what you get. There are 85 of the. 5 more than I need. Next you put 4 together with half square triangles in the middle, trying to not to let like colors touch. I did get that part finished tonite, but didnt get a picture. Tomorrow, at quilt group, I will lay them out to make the rows. WOW, I am getting close. I need this for a high school graduation gift for my niece, my brothers oldest. Dont worry, she doesnt even know about my blog. I have used up more of those 2 1/2 inch strips. There sure are alot left. Must have rabbits in the box. LOL
On another subject. DH made 2 blue bird boxes this morning and Mrs Blue Bird moved in by 3pm this afternoon, building her nest. Our old box was knocked down and broken in a wind storm. Very sad, because my Mom had made it. But the new birds make up for that.
Happy Quilting, Vicki


pixie13 said...

That is beautiful. Love the binding & the colors are so gorgeous. Great job!

3anklebiters said...

beautiful quilt. my mom has a quilt with an unfinished binding, it has been that way for nearly 50 years. it keeps some people from claiming it as theirs.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your scrappy!
I made one in February, but I like yours a lot more...much more colourful and energetic!
I may have to make another one too!