Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funky Flowers

I just love these flowers. The are made from the fans from automobiles. What a cool idea. There are several in front of Cootie Browns in Johnson City Tenn. Cootie Browns is a restaurant. My favorite place to eat when we got quilt shopping in Johnson City. I have to see if DH will make me some. I might could keep these alive. I dont garden or do yard work. I kill plants, even ivy. LOL

Pat's Quilt

GA's mountain quilt group is always fun to visit. They are such an inspiration to me. Here are some pictures of my last visit. These are from an Antique quilt Pat, a member of the group, found that one of her family members had made on solid black satin, with solid black sashing and boarders. The small group decided to reproduce the quilt. Jo's top is the light background and GA's is the black blocks. Others are working on theirs. They are turning out wonderfully. All hand appliqued. I think the blocks or 8 or 9 inches. It is a very striking quilt.

Quilt blocks on Barns

NC and Tennessee folks are putting quilt blocks on their barns. Business are getting into it also. So on my latest trip to the mountains, I started taking pictures of the blocks. It will be fun to see how many I can collect.
The top picture is from my friend Dot's Barn.
The underneath is Needle Me This quilt shop in Burnsville, NC. with GA poising.
The last one we saw on the way to town and I got a picture.
There were lots more that I didnt get pictures of. So, if you are traveling, look for the quilt blocks on the barns.


Got my computer back from the lightning strike. Had to replace the Ethernet connection. Here is a picture of the tree that got hit. The tree is too tall to get the whole thing, but this is a good section. It is like this from top to bottom. It is about 20 yards from my front door. It threw bark and tree wood at least 50 yards. I found some in my neighbors yard across the street.
We had another bad thunderstorm late this afternoon and it was very close and scary.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Last Friday we had lighting strike a pine tree in the front yard. I am sure the tree is dead. It has streak marks from the top to the bottom and out into the ground about 4 feet. Scared me and Patch near to death. I just had the ac fixed that morning after the repairman had been out for 3 days. The ac is ok as is most every thing else. I lost one cordless phone, the ans machine and the modem for the computer. Replaced the roadrunner modem and cord, but apparently the problem is the internal modem. Computer works, just cant get on the Internet with it. SOO, I am using a 2001 laptop that has been sitting for 3 years. It works, but slow. The cd part doesnt work, so I cant add pictures or programs to it. but I can talk to the outside world a little. I will post a picture when I get the desk top back from the computer shop.

In the mean time I went to the Mountains for 4 days. It was wonderful. COOL the high was 78. We slept with the windows open. Wonderful trip. Monday,We went to Johnsonville Tn shopping to Somewhere Sewing. They have about 8000 bolts, I think. A great shop. Then to Jonesboro to shop at Tennesee Quilts. also a great shop. And we found a Wal-Mart with fabric in Elizabethton. Found lots for $2/yard. If you live there check it out.

Tuesday we visited my friends mountain quilt group it Erwin Tn. Had a wonderful time with show and tell and visiting with everyone. They always refresh me and I want to start new projects. LOL

Wed. We met another friend in Burnsville NC and shopped at Needle me This. It was Just in the McCalls 10 favorite quilt shops. A nice shop. FUN day. We had to detour around work on the train tracks several times, so was quite an adventure.

Back home to clean up my sewing room so I can get back to work quilting.

Have a happy 4th of July