Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It has been fun sharing our vacation with you. We had a great time. Saw sights we had never seen before. We had never been that far north. We went to Canada, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. One day I would like to go back to Maine in the off season.
I have to tell you. We got searched going into Canada. We had nothing to hide, so it was interesting. We had to empty our pockets, they went thru my purse, and all of the luggage. A dog was walked by the car. I think they profiled Wayne. What do you think??? He does look kind of ruff.

New Hampshire

Driving thru New Hampshire we stopped at a rest area on the interstate. The suprise was, right next to the STATE SAFETY REST AREA was the STATE LIQUOR STORE!!!! What a shock for this good ol' southern gal. How do they handle drinking and driving????

Thousand Islands

Did you ever wonder where Thousand Island salad dressing came from. Well the Thousand Islands of course. We took a boat tour on Lake Onterio, thru the Thousand Islands. The tour guide told the story of the area about the houses and islands. Wish I could remember all of them.

Here are pictures of 2 of them.

The shorted bridge between two countries. The US on the right and Canada on the left.

Drum and Fife

Driving along the St Laurence River we saw what we thought was a reenactment at an old fort. It turned out to be a drum and fife corp. We stop and sat in the grass with others and enjoyed the music and marching.

Canada War Museum

We visited the Canada War Museum. It was very well done. I didnt realize that the US invaded Canada during the War of 1812. Remember they were still British. Well, another one of those places where you cant take pictures. They did have a cardboard tank where children could paint a small piece and have it placed on the tank. This was for an exhibit about camouflage. This was a great idea. If all tanks looked like this maybe we would have peace instead of war.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


After leaving Niagara, we went to Camilla's home in Brampton. This is just above Toronto. We spent 2 nites with her and Norm. This was a great, relaxed visit. We visited Camilla's new warehouse. She runs a warehousing business called G'Day. They warehouse truck parts to places in Canada. Being as DH just retired from the national guard as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, He new what the parts were and had fun walking through the warehouse.

Monday nite Camilla's small group met at her house. They are called the Loopy Ladies. They were wonderful women and made me feel very welcome. Two of the ladies had just gotten back from quilt camp. Their teacher was John Willard. He teaches Spontaneous Geometrics. A kind of fractured quilt. You start with a square and slash it into 2 uneven pieces, sew a strip in, not evening up anything. then square it up, add a boarder and do it again. And keep going. You can read about him here.


After that we went to Heather and Bill's cottage on the lake at Havelock, On.

Niagara Falls

Next stop was Niagara Falls, Canada. First we had to cross the boarder into Canada. We had our passports. They asked lots of questions and then asked us to pull over for an inspection. WOW!! We had to empty our pockets. They searched my pocketbook, our luggage, dirty clothes bag and the car. Also a dog was walked by very slyly. We think DH was profiled. Sense he retired from the SCNG he as let his hair and beard grow out. I mean, no cutting at all. He has dark skin and looked ????? Anyway, we weren't hiding anything so it was ok with us.

Niagara was great. We did the Maid of the Mist, Behind the Falls, and the walk down by the rapids. We walked through the botanical gardens. The weather was wonderful. Cool.

There were all kinds of people there. A very international look.

Click here to see pictures

Nashville AQS

We have been on vacation. We started with a visit to our son in Brevard, NC, where he is in college. He is a senior this year. YEAH!!! Next we went to Nashville to the AQS quilt show. I am not supposed to post pictures, according to AQS, so sorry no picts here. Had a good time and ran into lots of friends. Several had quilts in the show, Anitia Bowen, Vicki Perry, Pat Kerko. Congratulations to all that had quilts entered.