Saturday, August 22, 2009


After leaving Niagara, we went to Camilla's home in Brampton. This is just above Toronto. We spent 2 nites with her and Norm. This was a great, relaxed visit. We visited Camilla's new warehouse. She runs a warehousing business called G'Day. They warehouse truck parts to places in Canada. Being as DH just retired from the national guard as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, He new what the parts were and had fun walking through the warehouse.

Monday nite Camilla's small group met at her house. They are called the Loopy Ladies. They were wonderful women and made me feel very welcome. Two of the ladies had just gotten back from quilt camp. Their teacher was John Willard. He teaches Spontaneous Geometrics. A kind of fractured quilt. You start with a square and slash it into 2 uneven pieces, sew a strip in, not evening up anything. then square it up, add a boarder and do it again. And keep going. You can read about him here.

After that we went to Heather and Bill's cottage on the lake at Havelock, On.

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