Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 Patch Swirl

I have been quilting my own quilts for the last few days. I just meander quilted with red thread. Was so busy a design would not have shown. So made it simple and easy. LOL The first picture is the quilt. The 2nd picture is the back and the last picture is a closeup of the front. I used a coordinated boarder print for the boarder. It looks wiggly, because it was printed that way. The fabric is from Jennifer Sampou from ?? years ago. The back was pieced using the left over boarder print and base fabric. If you look at the back on the bottom, you can see the base fabric I made the swirls from. I plan on purple binding.

Lynn Buske of Lexington SC is the author of this pattern. I took her class a while back.

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