Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not Lost

No pictures for now.  I am not lost.  Life got in the way of my quilting this week.  My Dad had to go back in the hospital.  He has surgery on his Achillies tendon 4 weeks ago, had the cast off 1 week ago and the insision came open and got infected.  They had to go back in and debribe it.  Now he has a vacumm thing on it sucking out the infection. ULCK is right.  He may need plastic surgery to replace skin.  And they may have to repair the first surgery.  Wont know until they get rid of the infection.  So, please think of my Dad.  He just turned 82 in Sept. and is in good health.  He has always been very active and I know this has slowed him down a lot.  My stepmom had been taking great care of him.

Hopefully I will get some new pictures up this week.  I am playing with my crumb blocks today, between football games. 

Happy Quilting, Vicki

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