Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you read the posts before this one, you will know why I am behind on my Crumb quilt.  Here are the blocks, trimmed, stacked and ready to do something with them.  So, Jo, I am still working on it.  I have 85 blocks.  Now I need a plan to put them together.  I didnt make any letter blocks.  That will be for when I have more time to play. 

I am going to John C  Campbell Folk School in 3 weeks for a whole week.  Guess who the teacher is?  Ok, I will tell you.  Georgia Bonesteel!!!  I am soo excited.  I need to get my fabrics ready.  I am going to make my quilt scrappy, so I really just need to pick out my back ground.  Georgia sent pictures of what we are going to be making, to help us decide what fabrics to bring.  I am not tell you now, it will be a surprise. 

Hope I am caught up on the blog for now.  Happy Quilting, Vicki


vivian said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great time!

Jo said...

WOW...85. You have been busy. So far from what I see they are looking good. I'll be anxious to see more.