Friday, January 16, 2009

Double Delight

Step 6 ready to sew. All laid out on the floor. Right next to the dog bed and toys. LOL. I am excited. It looks great. The light pink setting triangles aren't quite that light, I think it is just the carpet underneath. The gold for the narrow boarder. Then???? not enough of the brown or any brown for the outer boarder. I will test my blues and maybe a dark purple?? What do you think. I dont think I will be able to decide until I get there. Maybe I will have this together by tomorrow nite. No more sewing tonite. I am tired after an all afternoon session to get the double nine patches together. And cook supper.
I just love this quilt!!!! LOL
Stay warm everyone it is going to be 7 or 8 here tonite.


Robyn *Ü* said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your DD is looking great. Our color choices are very similar so naturally I think yours is just great ;0). You've done some beautiful work.

Joyce said...

Vickie, Love your choices. Bonnie out did herself on this one and so did you.

Judy Heyward said...

That's a REALLY nice quilt, Vickie--great work!

Millie said...

Your quilt is just beautiful. Very nice colors.