Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another one bites the dust

3 of 5 of my personal quilts are quilted and calmy waiting for binding. The pictures are of the board and some of the quilting. When DS wakes up I will get DS and DH to hold the quilt up so I can get a picture of the overall. This is a king size trip around the world. I quiled it in metalic gold to go with the boarder print. The boarder is Laurel Burch dogs. I found it awhile??? back. Only time I have seen dog fabic by her, so had to have it. The quilting is paws for the dogs.
We survived another new year. I think I slept thru all the fireworks. LOL. DS watch the I Love Lucy marathon on TV yesterday. He has loved Lucy sense he was 5 and is 20 now. He still laugh at her. Well, so did we last nite. I forgot how silly she was.
I think I will do some sewing at the domestic machine today. Give my feet and legs a rest from longarming. I want to start the Double Delight mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter at www. . she posted the first step yesterday. I have fabric picked out, now off to cut and sew. Oopps, part 2 is up today. I better get busy.
Have a Happy New Year.

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