Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas presents

Two Cuddle quilts for nieces in Texas.  Their Dad got back from Afghanistan around the first of Aug.  on Labor Day, they lost their house to the fires in Bastrop, Tx.  Right now the family is living in a camper trailer.  So, I thought cuddle quilts would be the right size.  And they are perfect.  Their mom said one liked blue and one liked green, so as you see that is what I did.  I used the multi colored cat print on both and blue on one and green on the other.  I made the back coordinate.   I think they look great.
The pattern is from Mary Johnson and you can find it here:

I am sure these quilts will be loved for a long time.  PS:  that is dear hubby playing Kilroy, peaking out from behind the quilt.  He is a great holder upper for quilts.
Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting,

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