Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snowman Class

Spent the day at a quilt class with great friends. We got a good start on a Snowman, by Judith Heyward. You can see her work at Look under more classes to see the snowman. We made our back ground and I got as far as getting the Mom and Baby's heads and hats fused together. Once it is fused then appliqueing down will be the next step. This is a real nice wall hanging. Of course a picture will come when I get there. someday. LOL

I usually dont voice my political opinion, but I just have to today. I am soo glad the election is over. I think we should limit campaign time to 3 months before an election. That should be more than enough. I also think the candidates should have to clean up all their signs. What a mess they leave.

So much for that. Off to play with the dog. He has been along all day and needs to run in the yard.


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