Monday, February 23, 2009

Patch the Wonder Dog

The house is to quite tonite. DH is watching TV and I am at the computer. Patch the wonder dog is at the Vet. It is too quite without him. We found out Friday that Patch has diabetes. He has to stay at the vets for several days to get him started on insulin. Patch in 9 years old, which isnt to old for a Yorkie. He has lost 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Dont fret to much about that he was at 15 lbs. He is as big as a Silky. He was the brute of the litter. I miss having him around. He is always close by me and follows me everywhere I go. He makes an excellent door bell. Barks when someone comes, because he thinks they came to play with him. Hopefully the vet will get his meds correct and we will have him around for a few more years. I dont even feel like sewing.



KQ Sue said...

Don't worry, he will probably just need insulin. We had a cat that was diabetic. Average life on insulin, they said, was 2-3 years. Inky was on it for almost 6 and did fine. He was also almost 16 years old when we lost him.

Karen E. Overton said...

I know that missing the pup feel ... things will be brighter in days to come and both of you will be back to your normal routines soon. Go cuddle with DH in front of the TV and get your mind off things.

Marj said...

I also had a cat that was diabetic and lived a long and happy life on insulin. I'm sure that your pup will be home soon and will also live a long and happy life with you excelent care.

Gudrun said...

Think positive thoughts Vicki, and here's a
cyber puppy hug (@@)