Saturday, April 18, 2009


I finially did it. I bought a new digital camera. Took some pictures of projects I am working on. Soooo, we are going to see how they come out. LOL

This little thing, because it is not anything yet, is made from 40, 2 1/2 inch strips. I was trying to inmate a jelly roll, sence I didnt have one. These are scraps left over from other projects. Mostly kids quilts. I saw something like this in Florida last summer. It was made from feed sack reproductions. I havent found a pattern, so I made one up. LOL Sew 2 strips together lenthwise, cut in half crosswise and stack on top of each other, matching fabrics. The use a 60 degree ruler or the 60 degree line on your 6 X 12 ruler and cut hexagons. You get 2 blocks out of each set, that are opsite colors. I just love this look. I am going to add another set of 40 to see how big this gets. Right now it is not big enough. If anyone had seen the pattern, please let me know where. I think I might write a toutorial, with pictures, when I make the next set.
The Camera Worked!!!!!!!!!!


Marj said...

I also like this hexagon pattern and had saved out the magazine with the directions. It is McCall's Quilting, October 2008. If you don't have it let me know and I can send you a copy....Marj

Quilter Kathy said...

I have made these but in miniature size...would love to see how you do it!