Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Greater Columbia Quilt Guild

Well, I finally did it. I joined GCQ! I have been thinking and talking about it for quite a while. So, today was the day. The program was great. Vicki Perry's mother did a trunk show. She started quilting in 1995 and has done wonderful work. She appliques and hand quilts. Show and tell was very good. Two different gals had made quilts of their houses, without knowing the other was doing the same thing. This was great. Now, I guess I will have to try that also. Will have to wait till spring to get a good picture, so I can get some green in there. LOL For those that dont know it, I have a hard time using green. It was a fun morning. I am looking forward to enjoying the new group. Dont worry Orangeburg, you are still my first guild. I already know a lot of the folks, from meeting them at our state guild, Quilters of SC.

After the meeting, DH and I had lunch, test drove a car (thinking only), then met DS at the doctors office. OH! forgot to add a trip to JoAnns in there, of course.

Happy Quilting,

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