Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello again

Snow, again in SC???  yes, about 1/2 inch here this morning.  Was gone by 11am.  It never snows in the south, LOL.  3rd time this winter.  Usually it is 1 time every 2 or 3 years.  Cold, too. 

Carpet was supposed to come today!! of course it didnt.  Now should be Monday, I look for it on Tues.  I hope Tues. while I am gone to Quilting.  That would work great for me.

Anyway, I have been looking at my favorite blogs and dreaming.  Oh, Yes,   I got my new Bonnie Hunter book in the mail.  Scraps and Shirttails, II.  I am ready to sew.  Oh, cant yet, got to finish those pesky UFO's.  Lets see, do I want to work on the new curtains for my bed room or a UFO?  Better work on the curtains.  dont want anyone watching me sleep at nite, LOL.

life is good
Happy Quiling,


Nancy said...

After we moved in, I used packing paper taped over the windows for a couple of weeks as my curtains. It worked. :)

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