Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surprise, Surprise

Forgot to tell you.  DH said he was going to have a surprise for me when I got home from Knoxville.  Last time he did that, he painted the upstairs bathroom BRIGHT Yellow!!  So,  I was a little nervous to say the least.  When I drove up this is what I found.  Great isnt it.  He screened in the front porch.  Even made a doggie door for the 4 legged ones.  Roada F. Tripp can come visit now.  What fun.  Now is is working on the side stoop.  It is framed up.  Needs paint and screen to be finished.  He done good.

Quilted this yesterday.  I turned it around in my program, but blogger kept putting it sideways.  I havent figured out how to fix this yet.  Great baby quilt.  I free motion quilted, swirls looks like ocean.
Happy Quilting,


rooee said...

nice job on the free motion quilting. I need a screened outside area too - lucky duck!

Anonymous said...

Now that you've got the screened in porch, if it's like it is here--it's too hot to use it!